Force Sensor FAQ

What range of force can be measured with a force sensor attached to the NanoBot?

Two types of force sensor are currently available as optional attachments to the positioning arms of Xidex’s NanoBot® nanomanipulator. The Model FS-2000 accommodates loads up to 2000 µN. The Model FS-180 accommodates loads up to 180 µN.

What is the resolution of the force measurement?

The Model FS-2000 measures force with 400 nN resolution. The Model FS-180 measures force with 50 nN resolution.

How accurate is the force measurement?

Accuracy is generally within 3-4% over the measurement range. Force sensors are individually calibrated and the sensitivity is provided for each device. New sensitivity calibration values can be entered via the graphical interface when different devices are installed.

Can tension forces be measured?

Yes. The force sensors available for use with the NanoBot system can measure both compression and tension forces.

What type of control and user interface are provided for force sensing?

The controller for the force sensor is integrated into the same compact desktop module that controls the NanoBot system. The joystick that controls the NanoBot system can be used to simultaneously control the force sensor. Force feedback is displayed graphically in both the time and the frequency domain using the built-in LabVEW application. The data acquisition system is able to sample the force feedback signal at up to 100 kHz.

How is the force sensor mounted on the NanoBot?

The force sensor can be mounted horizontally, in line with the NanoBot nanopositioner’s Y axis, horizontally in line with X, or vertically, in line with Z. The different mounting options allow the force sensor to approach objects from different directions.