Force Sensor

Force sensors are available as optional attachments to the positioning arms of Xidex’s NanoBot® nanomanipulator. These force sensors operate as load cells for measuring forces with nanoNewton resolution. The Model FS-2000 accommodates loads up to 2000 µN. The Model FS-180 accommodates loads up to 180 µN. Both compression and tension forces can be measured. The sensor element, which is based on single crystalline silicon, measures small forces with high precision. Unlike most other load cells based on strain gages, the force sensors available for use with the NanoBot measure the load by a change of capacitance. The readout electronics integrated in the sensor package convert the load into an output voltage proportional to the force. A LabVIEW™ based application for force feedback display is installed on a laptop computer running Windows OS which is provided with the system. Users can also create custom LabVIEW applications and add these to the applications library provided with the NanoBot.

ForceSensor Cantilever_2

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