Paul McClure, CEO

Paul McClure is experienced with hands-on management of growth-oriented technology businesses. He previously founded rapid prototyping industry pioneer, DTM Corporation, which went public on the NASDAQ, and identified investment opportunities for Columbine Ventures. His management consulting clients have included technology companies, financial services firms and defense businesses. He earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University.

Vladimir Mancevski, President and CTO

Vladimir Mancevski has invented and implemented the key Xidex technologies from an idea stage to a commercial product. His expertise includes nanominipulator product development, carbon nanotube synthesis, carbon nanotube based electronic and field emission devices, scanning probe microscopy, and nuclear magnetic resonance force microscopy. He holds ten issued US patents and has several pending patents. Dr. Mancevski has received two Best Paper Awards. He earned his MS in Engineering from UT Austin and his Ph.D. in Physics from UT Austin.

Leonid Karpov, Director of Vacuum Nanoelectronics

Leonid Karpov is a pioneer in vacuum microelectronics with over three decades of experience in designing and developing microelectromechanical systems and vacuum microelectronic devices. Before coming to the U.S. in 1994, he was Chief of the Vacuum Microelectronics Laboratory and Senior Lecturer in the Radioelectronics Department at Krasnoyarsk Polytechnical Institute in Russia. During the 1980s, in Russia, Dr. Karpov made a carbon thin-film field emitter, the first structured carbon cold cathode, anticipating worldwide interest in carbon emitters by a decade. Dr. Karpov was educated at Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic Institute (B.S., Electronics), Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute (Investigator), and Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (Ph.D., Physics and Mathematics). He holds four issued U.S. patents and numerous foreign patents.