We are pleased to share the following links to other companies offering products of value to the nanoscience and nanotechnology community, individual collaborators at universities and national laboratories and other organizations, and government agency sponsors of previous work by Xidex Corporation.



Companies Offering Products and Services of Value to the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Community

ScanService Scanservice Corporation
Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) Equipment sales, installation, and service. Formed in 1978 to fill the need for prompt, quality instrumentation service at a reasonable cost.
NaugaNeedles NaugaNeedles
Breakthrough nanofabrication technology to grow constant diameter, silver-gallium (Ag2Ga) nanoneedles, at any preferred location (e.g. SPM Probe tips) and orientation.
XEI XEI Scientific, Inc.
The Evactron® RF plasma cleaner improves electron microscope imaging and analytical performance by removing contamination. (success story:
Nanometrology_new Nanometrology International, Inc.
Offering SI-traceable measurements, consulting, training, measurement system analysis and equipment sourcing and procurement.
Advanced_Surface_Microscopy Advanced Surface Microscopy, Inc.
Helping Solve Processing and Materials Problems using Scanning Probe Microscopy since 1990.

Vortex Control Systems, Inc.
Semiconductor processing equipment: aligners, microscopes, vacuum deposition, sputtering, wet process, plasma etch/RIE, inspection equipment, vacuum equipment, probers, test equipment, dicing saws, handlers, parts.

Collaborators at Universities, National Laboratories and Other Organizations

UTenn Dr. Philip D. Rack
Research in combinatorial thin film synthesis for rapid materials discovery, materials integration and nanofabrication for advanced device application, and nanoscale focused electron beam stimulated processing.
UTenn Dr. David C. Joy
Research in Monte Carlo modeling of electron and ion interactions in solids, metrology and electron beam fabrication of nanostructures, advanced techniques for electron beam imaging and microanalysis.
UT Dr. John T. Markert
Research in high temperature superconducting materials, high-Q oscillators, dynamics of ferromagnets, nuclear magnetic resonance microscopy and spectroscopy, optically switchable metal hydride films, and novel charge states of oxide interfaces.
ISMI Dr. Victor H. Vartanian
Films Metrology Project Manager at International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI), a wholly owned subsidiary of SEMATECH, dedicated to helping improve the productivity and cost performance of equipment and manufacturing operations.
NIST Dr. Joseph J. Kopanski
Research in quantitative metrology techniques based on scanning probe microscopes for semiconductor and dielectric characterization, including Scanning Capacitance Microscopy and Scanning Kelvin Probe Microscopy.
Automation_Robotics Dr. Harry Stephanou
Global leadership in micromanufacturing research, development and pilot production. Research in novel processes and tools for the assembly, packaging, and integration of manufacturable devices and systems at the microscale. The Texas Microfactory™: a pilot production facility dedicated to the custom development of scalable processes for automated micromanufacturing.
Dr. Sergei V. Kalinin
Research in nanoscale mechanisms for magnetic, mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical energy conversion and dissipation, kinetics and thermodynamics of defect-mediated bias-induced phase transitions in ferroelectrics, multiferroics, and energy storage materials on the nanoscale, electrostatic and electromechanical interactions in liquids, biosystems, and molecular systems, developing novel SPM techniques, mathematical analysis of SPM data, and quantitative measurements of local properties by SPM.
Dr. Timothy E. McKnight
Research in the development of biomedical instrumentation and tissue interfaces, and embraces a multidisciplinary approach that includes materials development, device microfabrication, device integration, and both electrochemical and biological studies.

Government Agency Sponsors of R&D Conducted by Xidex

NSF National Science Foundation
Industrial Innovation and Partnerships Division (IIP) - The Directorate for Engineering’s division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships (IIP) serves the entire foundation by fostering partnerships to advance technological innovation, and plays an important role in the public-private innovation partnership enterprise.
US_DOE Department of Energy
The Office of Science is the single largest supporter of basic research in the physical sciences in the United States, providing more than 40 percent of total funding for this vital area of national importance. It oversees – and is the principal federal funding agency of – the Nation’s research programs in high-energy physics, nuclear physics, and fusion energy sciences.
US_Army US Army Research Office
The U.S. Army Research Laboratory's Army Research Office (ARO) mission is to serve as the Army's premier extramural basic research agency in the engineering, physical, information and life sciences; developing and exploiting innovative advances to insure the Nation's technological superiority.
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
TPO builds and sustains technology partnering activities between NIST laboratories and industries in the USA, local, state and federal agencies, and the general public. On this site, visitors can search NIST technology available for licensing; learn about potential collaboration tools and the SBIR Program; and, discover TPO sponsored news and events.